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CHT Group

CHT Group Sino-Finnish (Hangzhou) Hotel Management Co., Ltd. focuses on the cultivation of international management talents. The group consists of CHT International School of Management, CHT International Internship Network, and LinkedTour—a global pan-service industry network.

Founded in 2007, CHT provides unique learning and practical opportunities for students and young professionals from global management-related majors, and connects management schools, students, professionals, and well-known companies around the world.

After more than ten years of hard work, CHT has built an international cooperation network for industry and education, with 65 management college partners and more than 500 corporate partners, and has sent more than 3,000 international management talents to the industry. Chinese partners.

At present, CHT has a Chinese and foreign management team with rich industry resources and international vision. The offices are located in Beijing and Hangzhou, and partners have been established in different European countries.

Study in Dubai

Study in Dubai is an education center offering Dubai quality courses and professional internship opportunities. We partner with top universities to give you the best access to a high-end education and great experience. Our services include preparatory courses, help and support during the application process and more. We belong to CHT Group and have more than 15 years of experience in Chinese and foreign exchange projects.


​Our partner schools

CHT has established cooperative relations with 65 domestic and foreign hotels and tourism management colleges. We create high-quality bridge courses for domestic and foreign management students, provide international teaching, and help students improve their learning ability, so that they can adapt to the overseas learning environment more quickly.

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Our Partner Company

CHT cooperates with many well-known international brand enterprises. Enterprises not only provide us with industry experience and guidance in teaching, but also provide our students with high-quality internships and employment positions to help students develop their future careers.

​CHT News

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