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   International Campus   

Zhejiang University (ZJU) is one of China's most illustrious higher education institutions and is regarded as one of its oldest universities. Founded in 1897, ZJU was initially known as "Qiushi Shuyuan"(Qiushi Academy). It has a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and a global reputation for collaboration and creativity.

The International Campus is located in the city of Haining, which is conveniently situated between Shanghai and Hangzhou. It covers 200 acres and is bordered by an ecological wetland to the north and by the scenic Juanhu Lake to the south. The overall architectural style of the campus is an organic blend of traditional European and Chinese elements.

The International Campus, ZJU adopts a full residential college system, in which students and teachers live together. The Residential College integrates accommodation, self-study, discussion, leisure and social interaction. The multifunctional architectural design on the first floor (reading room, classroom, discussion room, gym, band room, etc.) provides students with an intimate and supportive study and living environment. Each student has a separate living space, while sharing common areas such as the living room and the bathroom.

The Residential College is headed by Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, a famous educator and former president of the University of Hong Kong. He guides students' development by implementing the "Five in One" tutorial system, and devotes himself to cultivating students' ability to adapt to international life, cross-cultural communication, global vision and responsibility. Students can enjoy various growth and development resources and services in the residential college, including mental health education, career planning, quality development programs, cultural exchange programs, etc.

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Location of the City

Haining is located in the south of the YangtzeRiver Delta in China, and in the north of Zhejiang Province. It is 100 kilometers from Shanghai and 61.5 kilometers from Hangzhou, within convenient distance to bus stops, railway stations and airports.

Public Transportation

Located at the North Gate on East Shuiyueting Road,there are bus stops for29, 32, 33, 202, and933. Inter-city transportation: Hangzhou-Haining Intercity Railway(The nearest station is International Campus, ZJU, located in the intersection of Haizhou East Road and Biyun South Road)

Shuttle Services

We offer faculty and enrolled students a number of safe, reliable and convenient shuttle bus services across International Campus and Zijingang Campus, etc. for the convenience of communication with campuses located in Hangzhou. Students may reserve their bookings in advance. Shuttle Bus Reservation: Please login in at, or follow our WeChat official account "ZJU Logistics Service" in the Appendix "Useful WeChat"of this handbook for updates.

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The International Campus encourages students to take an active part in various physical exercises, so as to strengthen their physique and realize the all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetics. The campus has "Freshman Cup" and "Canglang Cup" sports competitions, covering basketball, football, badminton, chess and so on. Regularly organize students to participate in the sports competitions including basketball, rugby, tennis, table tennis, volleyball and other events.

The International Campus attaches great importance to both intellectual and physical developments of our faculty and students. Our campus is well equipped with sports facilities including basketball courts, football fields, tracks, volleyball courts, dancing rooms, gymnasiums, squash halls, tennis halls, badminton halls, indoor swimming pool, etc. We provide an accessible and convenient environment for physical exercises for faculty staffs and students. For further infomation, students can visit myZJU.


Student Life

Juanhu Reservior is located in the south of Haizhou Rd, the north of Jiangnan Ave, the East of Biyun Nan Rd, and the West of 08 Provincial Rd.The various sceneries and garden points around Juan Lake include Chinatown-Liuguang Waterfront, Chaoyin-Taying Rock Beach, Jingxiu-Energetic Harbor, etc., integrating elements such as Haining's lanterns and shadow puppet culture, tide culture, creative park, roller skating into different blocks to form a unique and distinctive theme, achieving great lake view and balance of the lake and scenery, so as to improve the city's taste. In this way, Juanhu Lake will be transformed into a blue-green ecological realm that is full of vitality, a public living corridor sharing healthy vitality, a cultural landscape area showing regional characteristics, and a low-carbon harmonious link that maintains urban development.


Campus Culture

The international campus has a strong artistic and cultural atmosphere. Arts and cultural festivals are held every year, such as the Welcome Party, the Centennial Chorus of the Founding of the Party, the Chinese Culture Salon, and tea recitation activities.


Work Study Program

International Campus Work Study Program is a university-funded financial aid program available to all enrolled students. The program also provides the students an opportunity to be involved in campus management and campus operation. Learn more at "student affairs"of myZJU.


International Students

International Campus provides student management services that converge with local and international students, give full support to the functions of college education and growth services, and provide a growth platform for all students here.

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