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    About ZIBS   

It has been 75 years since Dr. Joseph Needham from the University of Cambridge first set foot on the campus of Zhejiang University. Marveling at the resemblance between Zhejiang University and the University of Cambridge, both in their academic rigor and educational philosophies, he declared Zhejiang University to be the "Oriental Cambridge".

Nurturing this sentiment, Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) was founded on the ZJU International Campus at Haining in November 2018 to facilitate the academic and corporate exchange between the West and the East. Our ambition is to be the premier international business school from China in the new global economic era. We believe that by successfully fulfilling our responsibilities as global educators, new generations of business leaders and entrepreneurs will in turn fulfill their social responsibilities and contribute to the wellbeing of business and society as a whole. By leveraging the legacy of ZJU and our Chinese essence, we advance the knowledge and practice of responsible global business.

ZIBS was launched to accelerate Zhejiang University's global initiatives under China's new global economic era. We have chosen to make our home in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, an area known for its entrepreneurial spirit and as the birthplace of Chinese Fintech. We are confident in the potential of technology to benefit underserved individuals and communities and achieve greater financial inclusion and are proud to be at the center of a leading global Fintech center.

ZIBS is seizing the momentum by offering global programs featuring a diverse range of lectures, seminars and international exposure. Our program portfolio includes both degree and non-degree programs, serving the learning needs of both individuals and organizations. Delighted and proud to have secured prominent leaders and scholars across academia and industry sectors to share their knowledge and experience, our learners are uniquely prepared to become leading players in the business ecosystem.

Our Story

Grounding our efforts in the core areas of diversified economy, ZIBS implements a multi-disciplinary and multi-level partnership strategy with Zhejiang University, by upholding the 5"I" philosophy of being "international, interdisciplinary, innovative, inclusive and integrative". Focusing on business research and talent training in the fields of new finance, new technology and new market, ZIBS is committed to becoming a global leading business school from China.


ZIBS offers six postgraduate programs, namely Master of China Studies (MCS), Master in Communication and Management (MCM), international Master of Business Administration (iMBA), international Master of Finance (iMF), international Master of Fine Arts (iMFA) and international Master of Data Science(iMDS), one undergraduate program in Global Communication and Management (GCM) for international students, as well as executive training and customized training programs.


Our Scholars

Through global recruitment, ZIBS established a high-level full-time faculty team with an global vision. Our faculty members' research interests include fintech & big data analysis, insurance & risk management, leadership & organizational behavior, operations & supply chain, management & marketing, etc.

ZIBS faculty team jointly serves the school with its academic accomplishment and expertise, initiates innovation in teaching and scientific research, and is committed to providing excellent business education for students.


Our Studnets


Currently we have more than 600 students, nearly half are international students coming from more than 50 countries across the world. In terms of degree, there are 79 undergraduates and 569 postgraduates.


This is ZIBS

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