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International Campus


Zhejiang University (ZJU) is one of China's most illustrious higher education institutions and is regarded as one of its oldest universities. Founded in 1897, ZJU was initially known as "Qiushi Shuyuan"(Qiushi Academy). It has a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and a global reputation for collaboration and creativity.

The International Campus is located in the city of Haining, which is conveniently situated between Shanghai and Hangzhou. It covers 200 acres and is bordered by an ecological wetland to the north and by the scenic Juanhu Lake to the south. The overall architectural style of the campus is an organic blend of traditional European and Chinese elements.


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Life at Haining


Haining City is located on the south tip of the Yangtze River Delta, in the north of Zhejiang Province in China. The city has total area of 668 square kilometers with a total population of 640,000, and has jurisdiction over four streets and eight towns. It is 100 kilometers away from Shanghai and 61.5 kilometers from Hangzhou.


Haining Shadow Play


Shadow play, also known as shadow puppetry, is one of the popular folk puppet theatre, and is also the world's intangible cultural heritage, which is acted by silhouette figures. The figures are made from leather or paper and create the illusion of moving images on a translucent cloth screen illuminated from behind. During performance, the troupe manipulate the opera figures and tell stories singing with popular local tone behind the cloth screen with percussion instrument and string music, which has rich local style. Shadow puppetry is a form of traditional folk art of the Han nationality, which is called "Donkey Skin Shadow Play" by the old Beijingers.

  • Career Development Planning Cour


Through a series of special courses, students can receive guidance on their career development and career planning. In this way, they can master the basic knowledge and common methods of career planning, establish a correct career ideal and career view, career selection view, entrepreneurship view and talent view, gain a correct understanding of the relationship between study and employment, develop the ability of career planning, enhance the consciousness of improving professional quality and ability, and be ready to adapt to society, integrate into society and meet challenges of employment and entrepreneurship.

  • One-to-one Career Assessment

Professional career assessment institutions and tools will be introduced to provide free career assessment services for students, and help students in self-exploration and career orientation: A. Career interest - what kind of work do you like? B. Aptitude – what are you good at? C. Value - What kind of work and lifestyle do you prefer? D. Personality - What is your way and style of dealing with people and things? In this way, students can conduct better career planning.

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