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CHT Hangzhoou

A city for studying and enjoying the great outdoors

Hangzhou is one of the most important tourist cities in China. It attracts many tourists with its charming natural scenery and rich cultural heritage.


Today's Hangzhou is home to well-known companies such as Alibaba, NetEase, and Hikvision, as well as 26 unicorn companies (private companies valued at more than US$1 billion) and 105 companies valued at more than US$100 million. These companies mainly focus on e-commerce, IT and Internet financing, and Hangzhou is at the forefront of China's development of digital economy, technology and innovation capabilities. the


The happiest and livable city in China

Best Tourist City in China

Oriental Leisure Capital

city of quality of life

The ancient capital of China, the capital of love

China Tea Capital, Silk House


Hangzhou, which hosted the G20 summit in 2016, will host the Asian Games in 2022. Let us gather together in Hangzhou, a city of the future with a long history and picturesque scenery.


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Hangzhou, the happiest city in China

Hangzhou, as a paradise on earth, has another name - the capital of leisure. Hangzhou is rich in resources, which are well utilized by the local people. People in Hangzhou pay attention to health and lead a high-quality life.


The lifestyle of Hangzhou people has three characteristics: facing the West Lake, facing them, and facing their families. Facing the West Lake, Hangzhou people are proud of it. In their eyes, Hangzhou, West Lake, and Hangzhou people are one. Facing them means that Hangzhou people love to entertain themselves very much. It can be said that Hangzhou people are the most leisurely people in "Heaven". On weekends, they went to West Lake to play mahjong and chat. In 2001, Hangzhou bid to host the 2006 World Leisure Expo.              


By the West Lake, Hangzhou people welcome international friends from all over the world. Facing the family means that Hangzhou people live with their families by the West Lake. They don't want to leave Hangzhou. In their eyes, Hangzhou is the best city in the world. Of course, apart from these three characteristics, there are many other lifestyles in Hangzhou.

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School Environment

CHT International Management School is located on the shore of the beautiful West Lake, in Meijiawu, the origin of West Lake Longjing tea in Hangzhou. The school building is located in Meizhu Holiday Village, Meijiawu Tea Culture and Leisure Village. The building is a unique Chinese-style villa surrounded by tea gardens, and it is adjacent to the most beautiful hiking route in Hangzhou - Shili Langdang Ancient Trail. With fresh air and pleasant scenery, it is a paradise for outdoor sports.


Dear Premier Zhou Enlai visited here 5 times before his death and accompanied foreign guests to visit. On October 16, 2003, President Jiang Zemin and his wife Wang Yeping visited Meijiawu in person and took photos with hotel service staff. Today's Meijiawu is one of the eight tourist and business districts in Hangzhou that the Hangzhou Municipal Government is striving to build. It is a unique new tourist attraction.




Chic facilities and equipment:

More than 50 student dormitories

2 classrooms

reading room

Chinese restaurant

Function Room

Business center

leisure bar

Antique Tea House

landscape tea house

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Student Clubs and Activities

At CHT International Management School, you will have your own unique learning experience and encounter many opportunities for you to try new things.

CHT connects foreign management colleges and Chinese high-star international brand hotels, and has created unique management trainee internships for young foreign management students for more than ten years. As Chinese students of CHT International Management School, they also have many opportunities to conduct cultural exchanges and communication with CHT foreign management trainees.

Every semester, we will hold festivals, sports competitions, theme parties and other activities, just waiting for you to participate!

Teaching Style

At CHT, we believe that good learning is about actively motivating students. Teaching should be student-centered. The hospitality and tourism industry requires not only theory but also application. Case studies, industry guest speakers, hands-on experience, and industry placements provide students with experiential learning and prepare them for work in the real world. Our courses are not only designed to equip students with the various necessary skills and competencies required by the industry. What is more important is to cultivate their correct attitude. We are in the business of serving our customers and making our customers happy. Therefore, making students learn happily is also our main teaching style.


Dean of CHT International School of Management Dr. Huang Zhien


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