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CHT Goals


CHT's goal is to provide our partner hotels with the best international management trainee candidates and help each other to develop together. We evaluate all candidates and select the best candidate for each property. With CHT's years of rich experience in the tourism and hotel industry, we have been recognized and supported by the Chinese hotel industry to provide our partners with quality services.



Our program connects the best candidates with the best hotels in order to create a meaningful experience for both participants. Sharing knowledge and gaining valuable experience is at the heart of this collaboration. We pre-select the best candidates from top universities and hospitality schools. Hotels will be able to provide their customers with pleasurable international services while participants deepen their knowledge of the hospitality and service industry. In addition, local employees have the opportunity to develop their global mindset and cultural knowledge, thus giving them an advantage in the professional field.


Our candidates all have the motivation and desire to learn how to put knowledge into practice.

Future development of CHT

  • road to success

  • A future with endless opportunities

  • High-end internship jobs at home and abroad

  • career development help

  • Alumni share

  • Establishment of global tourism network

Our hotel partners will benefit greatly from participating in the program
  • Multicultural staff who speak multiple languages and represent more than 35 nationalities.

  • Provide an international service that benefits your guests and local staff.

  • Candidates from the best universities and hospitality schools worldwide.

  • Sharing experiences, candidates will bring knowledge from different cultures and local markets.

  • Proactive candidates who are eager to learn and bring a unique experience while adding value to the service.

  • Talented and educated candidates, providing qualified service to guests and contributing to an international atmosphere.

  • Effective communication between guests and staff to provide the best customer service.

By becoming our partner, you will be part of a significant international collaboration that offers unique opportunities to foreign applicants. At the same time, your hotel staff will gain valuable experience through communicating with foreign Guan Peisheng to understand different cultures.


We'd be more than happy to detail the project, so please feel free to email us at Let us develop together!

Our students will benefit greatly from participating in the program
  • Career development assistance: The school provides students with career planning consultation and workplace skills improvement courses to help students obtain the best career development opportunities.

  • High-end internship jobs at home and abroad: CHT cooperates with high-end hotel brands at home and abroad to provide students with high-end jobs and help their future careers.

  • A future with unlimited opportunities: Hagharia University of Applied Sciences trains professionals in marketing, service and entrepreneurship, and conducts research and development related to these fields. The Bachelor of Hotel and Tourism Management is one of the flagship majors of the Hagharia University of Applied Sciences. Its alumni cover world-class companies and are highly recognized by the industry. With a degree in Hotel and Tourism Management from the Hagharia University of Applied Sciences, you will have a wide range of career opportunities.

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