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CHT Introduction

关于 CHT学院

​CHT International School of Management Introduction

CHT International School of Management focuses on the cultivation of international management talents. The college is the Chinese representative of The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai, providing high-quality international undergraduate-to-undergraduate bridge courses, undergraduate and master programs, overseas professional internships, industry training and other programs.


CHT International School of Management adheres to the school-running characteristics of "international vision, focus on industry, and applying what you have learned", and has a team of teachers from home and abroad with rich teaching and practical experience, including 3 doctors and 8 masters. In the talent training program, we teach in English and use the combination of practice and knowledge to create international management talents required by the industry.

Our vision:

​To become a leader in cultivating international management talents

Our mission:

Provide learners with high-quality international management education, understand the world, and integrate knowledge and action


Our Core Values:

Learner-centered, striver-oriented

CHT International School of Management teaching team and teaching methods

At CHT, we believe that good learning is about actively motivating students. Teaching should be student-centered. Industry needs not only theory, but also application. Case studies, industry guest speakers, hands-on experience, and industry placements provide students with experiential learning and prepare them for work in the real world. Our courses are not only designed to equip students with the various necessary skills and competencies required by the industry. What is more important is to cultivate their correct attitude. We are in the business of serving our customers and making our customers happy. Therefore, making students learn happily is also our main teaching style!


Dr. Wong Chi-yan


Doctor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

CHE (Certified Hospitality Educator, American Hotel Educator Association)

Outstanding Graduate Student in Tourism Studies (James Cook University)

Postgraduate in Education (The University of Hong Kong)

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​Dean Huang briefly talked about why CHT was established and what is the development prospect of tourism major?

Faculty Team

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