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UK Paid Professional Training Program

Program Introduction

The British paid professional training program is a professional training program designed by CHT based on the British vocational training framework to cultivate international management talents in the hotel and tourism industry.​


The project is aimed at current students and those who have graduated within 5 years. During the project, not only can you improve your English communication skills and professional level, and expand your career development space, but you can also broaden your international horizons and experience British culture.​


Program duration is 6 or 12 months. After completing the project, you can choose to work or study in the UK.


  • Improve English communication skills and broaden international horizons

  • Accumulate international work experience and contacts to expand career development space

  • Matching high-star hotels, combining training and practice

  • Paid professional training, with an annual income of about 165,000 RMB

  • 14-28 days of paid holidays to travel around the UK

  • After completing the project, you can stay in the UK to work or study further


The current cooperative hotels include international hotel groups and high-star hotels of leading British hotel groups, such as Four Seasons (Four Seasons), Marriott (Marriott), Hilton (Hilton), Intercontinental (Intercontinental), Leading Hotel of the World group) hotel group and its many brands.


Project Department: Front Office, Catering, Kitchen

Project time: 40 hours/week (the time is adjusted appropriately)

Project duration: 6 months, 12 months

Project salary: about 13,750 yuan/month

Project benefits: 14-28 days paid holidays, working meals


  • No more than 5 years of studying or graduating from a junior college, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in hotel and tourism related majors

  • Applicants who are not majors in hotel and tourism are required to provide a professional course certificate related to hotel and tourism, or proof of at least 4 months of relevant work experience

  • Good communication skills in English, no IELTS score or English proficiency certificate required

  • Age 18-35


  • project application form

  • English CV

  • cover letter

  • photocopy of passport

  • Two passport photos, one full-body professional attire photo

  • Proof of studying or academic certificate and work certificate

  • Medical report


Need to apply for the project 5 months in advance:

Submit application materials

CHT interview

CHT training

hotel interview

job confirmation

Visa Application

Pre-departure guidance





Crown Hotel

Project Department: FO

Program Length: 6 months

Undergraduate Graduate School: Swiss Hotel Management School

Currently studying at: Monash University

Classmate Du shared:  

"I was lucky to get a rare training opportunity at Crown Hotel. When I arrived in the UK, the hotel arranged for us to train in various departments of the hotel for two weeks, and then arranged for me to have on-the-job training in the front office. The supervisor was very kind to me and often guided me. One month Afterwards, I integrated into the crown, and my English communication skills have also improved by leaps and bounds, I am very happy."


Marriott Hotels in the UK

Project department: F&B

Program Length: 6 months

Undergraduate institution: Zhejiang Ocean University

​Currently working at: Amazon China

Chen shared:

"Time flies, and the half-year internship period passed quickly. During this period, I learned a lot of knowledge that I didn't know before, and I also saw the uniqueness of a multinational hotel group's management experience. Whether it is the basic service procedures and skills of the catering industry when I was an intern at F&B, or how to serve each guest with heart and soul, or the in-depth understanding of the hotel profession, all of these are very important to me personally. It is a very crucial step in my life, and it also made me understand the focus of my improvement in the future, and made clear the plan for the future."


Project fee scan code to consult Mr. Fen

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