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Meet Kristy from Hong Kong

We warmly welcome Kristy to China. She is just about to start her traineeship in Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful cities in China. She will share her experiences of her stay in the future, we are excited to hear what interesting things she has seen and learned here.

My name is Kristy Yeung, originally from Hong Kong and I am a second-year International Hospitality Management student from the University of Surrey in the UK. My internship will be at The Azure Qiantang, Hangzhou. I am going to start my placement at the beginning of August and planning to stay and work for 8 months in the Front Office Department.

I chose to come to China for my placement is because I would like to improve my Putonghua skill, adapt the different culture and learn new things, and take the opportunity to widen my horizon as I never been to places and cities outside Guangdong. I would definitely recommend the experience. The application process was smooth and clear, and the recruiter was very patient and helpful through the application.

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