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Demola – Free Project Courses in Finland

Why join DEMOLA?

Demola is not just a project you complete during your studies. At Demola, you'll become a member and make important connections for life. Through Demola you will learn:

- Identify meaningful information in noise

- Think and act like a future designer

- Ownership of project execution

- Interdisciplinary and international team work experience

How does it work?

Project themes are inspired by our community. The topic is then designed as a creative brief by our experts and published on for applications. For each topic, we will select and build an interdisciplinary team of international university students. Our platform supports cumulative knowledge building, teams don't start with an empty table, but leverage data and analytics that the Demola community already has. Each team has our co-creation experts working with you to co-create results. The project lasts around 8 weeks and the results are brought back to the community for interpretation and discussion.

Who can participate?

Students in the Demola community represent all walks of life: from PhDs to bachelors, humanities and arts to engineering and business, and everything in between. Globally, 7% of our team members are PhDs, 56% masters, and 37% bachelors.

Are you a person with the right mindset?

You possess the curiosity to know and discover.

You have an optimistic spirit and believe that different possibilities exist, although they may not yet be discovered.

You have the tenacity to not give up even when faced with a dead end and when you are forced to go back to where you started.

You have empathy and the ability to set aside your own thoughts and relate to others with your heart.


On the Demola project, you will learn important skills relevant to working life, including interdisciplinary communication and project management skills. Participants will also become familiar with strategic foresight tools and design thinking methodologies. We award Creative Visionary Specialist diplomas to participants who complete the programme.

Students will also receive different additional benefits when joining our program. Here are some:

Ownership of Project Results (IPR)

Team members own the rights to the results they create in these projects. While these results are valuable additions to your portfolio, some may also consider entrepreneurial activity later on, at which point ownership of the results may come in handy.

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