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Meet Filipp from Ukraine

We are very happy to introduce Filipp from Ukraine. Filipp has graduated from Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics and has enjoyed his time in China a lot.

Please introduce yourself and where are you located in China.

My name’s Filipp, I’m from Ukraine, I’ve been placed to Crowne Plaza Sun Palace in Beijing.

How long you have been in China? How long are you going to stay and do you have any travel plans during/after the program?

I’ve been in China almost three months so far, I plan on staying at least four months more in order to explore the country better and profoundly immerse myself into the culture.

How is the experience so far? What have been the challenges and highlights of your stay in here?

It’s being a marvelous experience! As it is a completely different “world” from what I’m used to, challenges were pretty rife, but it was (and still is) a pleasure overcoming them, for every time I learn something new about Chinese way of life or peculiarities of “business processes”. Probably the best highlight for me is the attitude of Chinese colleagues and management of the hotel in relation to the trainees: everyone is being cheerful, understanding, willing to help and infinitely excited to introduce us to Chinese culture, language and a lifestyle. This is one of the most important things that makes me appreciate every day I’m staying in China!

Why did you choose to come to China in the first place?

I have chosen to come to China when I was doing my exchange at the university in Germany. During the classes of International Management our professor empathized that every industry is thriving in China right now, and that every business is looking for an opportunities in the Chinese market. On top of that, I’ve met a few Chinese students who were also doing their exchange programs, they were very passionate about their country and open about sharing knowledge of their land. I’ve never been so far east, so these friends have got me interested and excited about China. It was at this moment it’s dawned on me that when I graduate my master’s program, I’d like to train myself to be a better professional exactly in China. I knew that it is definitely a place to be at and so far I’ve never been disappointed!

Would you recommend this experience for others who are interested of coming here?

Yes! It is an exciting country with many things to explore and see! Coming here was one of my better decisions I’ve made.

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