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Meet Eva from France

We are happy to introduce you Eva who is currently doing a traineeship in Intercontinental Hangzhou. Eva studies in ESTHUA - Univeristy of Angers Tourism School in France.

Please introduce yourself and where are you located in China.

My name is Eva Mauxion, I'm from Angers in France. My internship is taking place in Hangzhou, China.

How long you have been in China? How long are you going to stay and do you have any travel plans during/after the program?

I have been in China for four months now and I'm staying six months total. Right after my traineeship ends, I will go one week to Seoul, South Korea for holidays.

How is the experience so far? What have been the challenges and highlights of your stay in here?

My experience here so far has been nice. One of the hardest challenges that I'm still facing everyday is communication, people don't really speak English, even in the hotel so it's sometimes difficult to understand what I am supposed to do at work but all in all I always manage to find a solution. Daily life in China is very easy and practical, I really love it here! Hangzhou is such a beautiful city, I am happy to live here for six months.

Why did you choose to come to China in the first place?

I learnt a bit of Chinese at university a few years ago so I wanted to come and discover the country I had been learning the language of. I've always wanted to travel to Asia but had no money or time so doing an internship here seemed like a good idea.

Would you recommend this experience for others who are interested of coming here?

I would recommend this experience as China truly is a very different world and I think you can only understand Chinese culture if you have lived in the country. The benefits of working in hotels here are also quite good and it's a nice job experience for my future.

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